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Up and down From Genoa to Swiss. 


Buongiorno , I am Enrico (aka Sinsa), born in Genoa and always passionate about traveling and kayaking. I’ve been paddling for about 30 years, kayaking on rivers and streams, but especially in the beautiful med sea of Liguria. I am a certified instructor and guide of both Italian, Swiss and American canoe. Since I got married I have been sharing my life between Italy and Switzerland with my family and there I have discovered the charm of mountain lakes. About ten years ago, from a sporting passion, kayaking became a real profession and today I design and organize trips and tours with my company Xplore on the seas, lakes and rivers. I have also combined water trips with hillwalking or Bike to discover the territory onshore. Our trips are dedicated to the travelers looking for authenticity, sustainability, quality, local food and real experience. Welcome on board .

Xplore. Xperience. Xcape. 

Enrico and Giuliano

A team passionate and prepared
My collaborators are well-trained instructors and guides, but above all they are passionate about the activity they carry out.
They know the places, the people, the nature and the history that characterize our itineraries. They are reliable companions of adventure you can trust. 

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